Yotta launches partnership program with Fintel Connect to expand access to rewards-based savings app

Yotta, a financial technology company that helps customers build savings, is expanding its reach through Fintel Connect’s AI-powered influencer marketing platform.

Vancouver, British ColumbiaAnd May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Yotta, a digital savings account app, has launched its affiliate program in partnership with Fintel Connect, the leading specialist in performance marketing technology for financial services.

As a mobile banking app for customers struggling to build savings, Yotta incentivizes Americans to save money with a weekly sweepstakes to win big prizes. all $25 Saved to their Yotta account gives them one recurring ticket in a raffle every week to win prizes ranging from 10 cents First Prize 10 million dollars. In 2021, Team New York EMT wins a Tesla Model 3 by the weekly drawing.

The Yotta debit card provides customers with the opportunity to receive payments for their purchases for free and provides a 10% refund on purchases in the form of sweepstakes entries. Yotta credit card gives more chance to make free purchases and offers 20% refund on purchases in the form of lottery entries.

By applying the same basic psychology that drives Americans to play the lottery, Yotta rewards customers for taking action to improve financial health.

“It’s exciting when we see our users excited to build their savings, especially when they earn with us,” said Yotta CEO. Adam Mullis. “We want to help more Americans with our app, and with Fintel Connect technology, we’ll be able to expand Yotta’s reach across the country.”

Fintel Connect is aligned with Yotta’s mission to help customers become more financially secure. The partnership between the two fintech companies is an important step for both companies.

“The future of financial services lives on the internet, and Fintel Connect’s marketing intelligence solutions can help brands reach the right customers online in a meaningful way,” he said. Nikki SineardCEO and Founder of Fintel Connect. “We are thrilled to support Yotta’s mission to change people’s opinions of personal finance. Their innovative approach to savings will be a standout for our network of finance influencers and publishers.”

The Yotta Partnership Program is now open to publishers and influencers looking to provide solutions to those struggling to save money. Join Yotta’s affiliate program today.

About Utah
Yotta is a financial technology company on a mission to help customers become more financially secure while providing the opportunity to win life-changing cash rewards of up to 10 million dollars every week. By harnessing the power of behavioral economics, Utah is using the psychology that drives Americans to play the lottery to motivate them to save money. Yotta is backed by only digital banks that are insured by the Federal Insurance Corporation (FDIC) allowing Yotta to provide customers with greater economic value than traditional banks by offering an alternative interest rate structure and pooling a portion of the interest earned on customer accounts to fund weekly prizes. Yotta is available for download on Apple and Android devices. For more information, please visit or follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitteryottasavings.

About Fintel Connect
Fintel Connect is the leading specialist in performance marketing technology for the financial sector. As a marketing intelligence solution designed specifically for financial services, Fintel Connect serves North American fintech companies, banks, credit unions, and insurance companies. The company’s turnkey product suite drives scalable growth with its proprietary tracking and reporting system, curated network of financial publishers and influencers, and AI-based marketing compliance tools. As a proud partner of the Visa Fintech Partner Connect Program, Fintel Connect helps build the next generation of digital banking. Find out how Fintel Connect helps brands scale their growth:

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