Unreal performance model 2022 p

Unreal performance model 2022 p

The 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance is a masterpiece. We just found a video showing someone’s impressions of it. If you are considering buying a Model Y Performance, this video is for you.

There are a slew of electric SUVs making their debut, and their goal is to try to eradicate the 2022 Model Y Performance. The 2022 Model Y Performance has a number of new features. It’s a twin engine that goes from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. On the back, you’ll see the dual engine badge. If the car is underlined in red, it is a high performance car.

The vehicle has an estimated range of 303 miles when fully charged. It also comes with 21-inch Uber Turbine wheels, performance spacers, lowered suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. The 2022 Performance Model Y has a red paint option that changes color based on the light falling on it – varies in sunlight – vs – at night or dusk.

This Y Performance model also features an upgraded white interior with a second row that has an adjustable seat back along with second-row flat-folding and electronically foldable flat-panel versions of the truck. The Y Performance doesn’t have a 7-seat option.

The car comes with Tesla Autopilot, a $12,000 add-on for FSD and other features that include driver assistance such as automatic lane change, parking and smart recall — along with futuristic FSD features.

Cost and strength to close doors

This is an $80,000 car. Does it live up to its price? After seeing the 2022 model compared to the Model Y 3 years ago, there are no gaps in the panel and the build quality is better.

The only thing the owner did not like was the amount of force needed to close the doors. You have to close the doors more forcefully to close them completely. It may only be related to the Model Y because this owner had no problem with his Model 3.

Interior Design of the 2022 Y Performance Model

There is a 15-inch touch screen in the middle of the drivers area, with a navigation map. Tesla is giving one month of premium connectivity free to new Tesla owners. There’s a renewed interior, with a wireless charging station pad for two phones. There are electrically adjustable seats on a raised platform, making it easy to get in and out of the car, with a good vantage point to be seen while driving.

There is a very comfortable vegan leather steering wheel. The view from the rearview mirror doesn’t provide much of a view, but Tesla does provide cameras throughout the car that aid in vision.

The middle rear seat is very uncomfortable because it is very solid and rigid. A person in the middle of the back probably won’t feel the same.

There is more storage space on the Model Y compared to the Model 3. You can automatically fold down the rear seats on the Model Y to maximize cargo space. There is a total of 76 cubic feet of cargo space for people traveling with a family or a lot of gear.

Ride Quality in 2022 for Performance Y

The high-performance Model Y has a low center of gravity Tesla all-wheel drive system with two highly responsive independent electric motors that control the front and rear wheels. They were driving in the snow and rocking back and forth in the parking lot, and the car handled it well.

The ride can be bumpy with the new 21-inch wheels. You may want to choose the Long Range with 19″ wheels if you want to reduce vibrations in your vehicles.

The car has a range of over 300 miles, but if you drive it for performance and speed, you won’t get 300 miles of range. This will result in more watt-hours per mile and will get you less than 300 miles of range on a full charge. Cold weather also reduces the range.

New Features of the 2022 Y Performance Model

One of the biggest questions is about the new features. And does it have new features and was it built in Giga Texas with 4680 batteries? Let’s move on to the new features first.

The processor is being upgraded to an AMD Ryzen, a second-generation quad-core processor, which will make Tesla’s touchscreen and software faster and faster.

The 12V lead acid battery is replaced by a low-voltage lithium-ion alloy which is more efficient and better for the environment, with a longer battery life. This new battery is a much welcome upgrade.

There is a hot wiper coming in that will help defrost the wiper off the windshield in cold weather. There will also be 13 speakers instead of 14 in order to reduce complexity. The biggest upgrade is the 4680 battery which will increase range and reduce mass. The first vehicle to feature this cell will be the Model Y produced by the Giga Texas plant.

Based on the past, the Giga Texas Performance Model Y will get its first 4680 battery. The device, produced in January, 2022, was built in Fremont, and doesn’t yet have a Ryzen processor. These will likely come later as the year goes on.

The 2022 Model Y Performance is pricey, but one of the best SUVs on the planet. You get access to all the Tesla superchargers and a very spacious interior with a car that performs very well.

Is the FSD Beta video as bad as it is artificial? Is it as great as others portray it?

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Image credit, Andy Sly, screenshot on YouTube

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