The Tata Avinya EV Concept from India looks ready to tackle the Tesla Model 3

The Tata Avinya is arguably one of the coolest concept cars to come out in India in years. Imagine this, the world needs saving, which is the future. The hero needs to get to the place of the problem in time, or else. There is an army of robots (because it’s the future) ready to be obstacles in the way but the super hero driven luxury car skips the traffic and reaches the destination. On time of course. Now, imagine the hero is driving 2022 electric car Avinya concept jumps through suicide doors straight into action. This is the kind of vehicle designed by Indian automaker Tata Motors, and we think it looks great, just like the Tata Sierra Concept. Once it becomes a reality in 2025, a production version of this car will compete with the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and Ford Mustang Mach-E. But for now, let’s focus on the concept.

Tata Avenia: SUV, hatchback and MPV

Avinya follows a standard design language that combines the best of both worlds by combining the positioning of a hatchback and the silhouette of an MPV with the space of a luxury sedan or SUV. The LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) have a “T” shape, just like the Tata Motors logo. However, Tata Motors has not yet confirmed whether this will be the new logo. However, it looks beautiful and makes the car look spacious. The same T-shaped design follows the sleek taillights as well, and it carries the iac across the width of the car’s rear end, making it look like a spoiler wing – a stylish design touch.

There are no exhaust tips as this is an electric car. Instead, it gets a healthy dose of gloss black treatment on the rear bumper and takes on that two-tone look throughout. Keeping things clean are the wing-style rearview mirrors. These home cameras that show the driver’s rear view through a screen inside the car.

Tata Avena smells good from inside!

You read that right. Tata Motors says that while modern car designs are chasing after looks and perhaps looking good, with the Affinia, they also want to smell good. They do this by releasing fragrances into the cabin through a nozzle mounted on the central armrest which they claim will help relax its occupants.

Once you open the Butterfly doors, as Tata Motors calls it, the seat will rotate outward to facilitate entry and exit. The cabin uses sustainable materials, and the seats have speakers near your neck for a better audio experience. Speaking of sound, Tata Motors wants everything to be sound activated and thinks people will want to spend less time in front of a screen by 2025. Hence, there’s no infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard, or anywhere else, for that matter. Take that Tesla!

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Tata Avinia means business

Let’s talk about the serious stuff. Tata Motors launched its GEN 3 platform for the first time with Avinya. Their current range of electric vehicles sold in India are convertible models. It is an electric-only version of a model powered by a combustion engine. Tata Motors recently showed off the Tata Curvv Concept ahead of Avinya, which has a GEN 2 platform and will be launched by 2024. The GEN 2 platform is improving the Gen 1 platform for a more efficient electric propulsion package.

The GEN 3 platform on which the Avinya is built was designed to be an electric vehicle from day one. Tata Motors says the car will have more than 310 miles of range per charge. One can charge the battery using a quick charger in less than half an hour, Tata Motors claims.

There are no confirmed details of the payment system yet. Tata Motors says the car can be built in both a single-engine layout and a twin-engine layout. Also, the production Avinya model will have protection against water and dust, and it will have advanced driver assistance systems as well.

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Although there are no details as to what performance numbers Tata Motors is aiming for with the production version of the Avena, things certainly look exciting. Tata Motors, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, has come up with a great concept and seems to be heading in the right direction. It will be interesting to see what Tata Motors brings up as a production version of the Affinia Concept in 2025, putting India on the global electric car map, as they take the fight to Tesla and Ford in the global market.

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