The formation of the Tesla Lone Star Model Y flag has been completed in Giga Texas

It seems that the speculations of ardent Tesla fans were right about the money. Tesla was already forming the creative Lone Star flag at its Gigafactory Texas complex using Model Ys in different colors – and the end result looks absolutely gorgeous.

Gigafactory Texas is a huge facility with a lot of activity going on, but it’s also closely monitored by drone operators and Tesla watchers. Earlier this week, a drone operator Joe Tigmeyerwho had been following the progress of Gigafactory Texas since its early days, discovered a group of five white Ys models that were parked in a strange star formation.

credit: Owen Sparks/Twitter

This was interesting enough on its own, but the cars were also parked next to a blue line of the Ys. That was when Tesla enthusiasts began to conclude that the electric car maker may have shaped the Texas Lone Star flag using dozens of all-electric crossovers. By this time, groups of blue, black, red and white Model Y were seen around the Gigafactory Texas complex.

A recent flyover for the Giga Texas site indicated that the flag for Tesla’s Model Y Lone Star is now complete. Comprised of 87 Model Ys and some blue selected body panels, the lineup is very impressive. Of note, photos of the completed Model Y flag formation were taken on the morning of April 7, Cyber ​​Rodeo. By this time, other areas of Giga Texas where the Cyber ​​Rodeo festivities will take place have also been completed.

credit: Joe Tigmeyer/Twitter

There is a lot of excitement surrounding Cyber ​​Rodeo, in part because it will likely feature some of the company’s most exciting projects like Cybertruck. The event doors will open later at around 4pm Cairo time, although the festivities will start around 8pm Cairo time. At about 9 p.m. PT, Elon Musk was to give a lecture that would be broadcast live on the Internet. The subject of Musk’s title remains unknown, despite high speculation that he will discuss some updates on future projects like Cybertruck, for which the event appears to be named.

While the Cyber ​​Rodeo is an invite-only exclusive according to the official Tesla page for the event, Elon Musk has been posting some notable updates recently. When a Tesla owner asked him on Twitter if he could take his wife – who doesn’t have a ticket – to the event, Musk replied That “the door wouldn’t be too tight.” It remains to be seen what this means, although it appears that the CEO is willing to accommodate more visitors at the grand opening of Giga Texas.

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The formation of the Tesla Lone Star Model Y flag has been completed in Giga Texas

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