Tesla Model 3

The cheapest and most expensive countries to buy a Tesla Model 3

A new study from the UK has revealed countries around the world where electric vehicles are the cheapest and most expensive to buy – in this particular case, the Tesla Model 3. While this specific data set pertains to a particular electric vehicle, it can offer a broader perspective on how costs differ Electric vehicles by country you live in.

Tesla Model 3

Regarded as the most affordable electric vehicle in Tesla’s current lineup, the Model 3 has become the world’s best-selling electric vehicle to date and helped its creator position the company to outshine the electric vehicle market worldwide.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder the study’s authors chose to review and compare Model 3 prices in countries around the world.

The cheapest and most expensive countries to buy a Tesla car

The study that identifies electric vehicle prices by country, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, was conducted outside the UK by Confused.com. In addition to electric vehicles, the study also compares global prices for SUVs, hatchbacks, and sports cars. However, we will only focus on the electric vehicle aspect of the study because… well, that is Electric After all.

However, if you’re curious, you can check out the full detailed study from Consused.com.


For each category, Confused.com has selected a vehicle that is widely available for sale worldwide. The team then sourced prices for this model by visiting the local Tesla manufacturer’s website for each country in which it is sold. You can view the full list of sources for the study here.

For the Tesla Model 3, the study focused on the cheapest available model and used the price list as shown on the Tesla website for each country.

*Note – These prices include taxes and any potential grants depending on that country’s policies. They’ve been updated at study time but as many of us know Tesla electric vehicle prices fluctuate a lot, as do US-EU-UK exchange rates, but you should be able to get the picture. Here are the results.

10 Countries Where Buying a Tesla Model 3 Is Cheaper

Topping the list of countries where buying a Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest is Macau, located on the southern coast of China. Macau is famous for its gigantic casinos and is the global place to win the jackpot with the cheapest Tesla Model 3 in the world.

Macau is followed by its neighbor China in second place, and Romania with only a few hundred dollars in third place. The United States and its unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico come close to the top ten, at around $46,500 for an all-new Model 3.

Rank Country local currency American dollar Euro Euro British pounds sterling
1 Macau 321200 Macanese Pataca $40,282 €35,577 £29,739
2 China CNY 265652 $41653 36696 EUR £30,676
3 Romania €36,837 $41,814 €36,837 £30,790
4 Japan JPY 4,890,000 $42,287 €37,252 £31,142
5 France €37,800 42,907 dollars €37,800 £31,595
6 Norway 384,232 NOK $43,440 €38,270 £31,991
7 Switzerland 40,980 Swiss Francs $44,570 €39,268 £32,823
8 Iceland Icelandic krona 5,837,335 $45,310 39,918 euros £33,373
9 Puerto Rico $46,490 $46,490 €40,637 £34,357
10 United State $46,490 $46,490 €40,637 £34,357
Source: Confused.com

10 countries where buying a Tesla Model 3 is more expensive

You’ve seen the cheapest countries to visit to buy a Tesla, and now here are the countries that will require you to dig deeper into your pockets to get a Model 3.

Singapore ranks first by a large margin. At $83,500 for the cheapest version of the Tesla Model 3, consumers in Singapore are paying more than twice as much as their Macau neighbors to the north. Singapore may be able to get a better deal on the Vinfast EV, considering the Vietnamese manufacturer is closer.

Israel comes in as the country selling the second most expensive electric Tesla cars, followed by Sweden whose consumers may soon shift their focus on Tesla to other electric car makers such as NIO. Sweden is also interesting to see in the top 10 most expensive along with Denmark in fifth place, because its Norwegian neighbor Model 3s are currently the sixth cheapest.

Would any Scandinavian stop buying an electric car if it saved you $20,000?

Rank Country local currency American dollar Euro Euro British pounds sterling
1 Singapore 113,245 Singapore dollars $83,489 €73,554 £61,486
2 Israel 201332 JPY $64,629 56938 EUR £47,596
3 Sweden 569,170 SEK $62,773 €55,310 £46,229
4 Czech Republic 1,350,400 CZK $62,672 €55,214 £46,157
5 Denmark 409990 DKK $62,562 55,117 EUR £46,074
6 Luxembourg 52970 EUR $60126 52970 EUR £44,274
7 Portugal 52885 EUR $60,030 52885 EUR £44,203
8 Taiwan 1,654,900 New Taiwan Dollars $59,800 52,685 € £44,040
9 Holland 51970 EUR $58,991 51970 EUR £43,438
10 United kingdom £42,990 $58,379 51431 EUR £42,990
Source: Confused.com

There you have it – you can see how your state stacks up in terms of Tesla Model 3 prices and use the list as a loose tamper test to see what you and your colleagues might be paying for an electric car compared to people in your neighboring countries.

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