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The Aptra SEV Concept beats a Tesla Model 3 and Audi R8 GT Spyder in a drag race

Solar-powered Aptera Motors has posted a video startup that puts the upcoming SEV demo against an Alfa version, a Tesla Model 3, and an Audi R8 GT Spyder in a desert drag race. While it’s a pretty close race (for Audi at least), the Aptera seems to barely beat the competition in a quarter-mile race.

Aptra Motors is a San Diego-based startup that specializes in Solar Electric Vehicles (SEVs). As the second iteration of the Aptra name, the company is continually working to bring the flagship SEV wearing the same naming to the market, updating the public every step of the way.

It has paid off so far, too. After revealing the Aptera SEV in late 2020, the company has gained a growing list of fans and bookrunners, many of whom claim both roles.

Since its debut, the public has seen three different versions of the Alpha Aptera complete with black, white and metallic silver exteriors. Since announcing its entry into the beta phase, the company has been preparing to move to a new 80,000-square-foot facility a little north in Carlsbad, California where its upcoming SEVs will be built.

In late January, the startup shared screenshots of a SEV beta test track along with word that production and delivery of the Aptera was still on track to begin later this year. Some deliveries have since been pushed out, but Aptera has confirmed it’s still on schedule to start production.

To further dampen the beaks of those Aptera enthusiasts out there (see you), automaker SEV has shared its latest test track footage, and this time it’s a drag race. That’s right, it’s Aptera versus Tesla, versus Audi.

A shot of the drag race of two Apteras vs. Tesla Model 3 and Audi R8 GT / Source: Aptra Motors

Aptera beta smokes a Tesla Model 3 and barely beats the R8

Aptera Motors recently shared their latest YouTube video, “Drag Race,” which features a four-car drag race with a final image. Among the racers: Apterra Noir (alpha version), Tesla Model 3, Apterra Beta and Audi R8 which appears to be the GT Spyder behind it.

Let’s nip this in the bud before any hardcore Audi or Tesla lightens the fuse for their suspension guns. Aptera does not provide any details of the Tesla and Audi vehicles it encounters. Judging by the chrome on the Model 3, it’s a model between the 2017 and 2020 update and might be a standard range with bricks in the trunk for all we know.

Audi is definitely an R8 because…first of all, it says so on the vanity board, but it also has a unique rear end that, despite the long fast shots, seems to convey it as a GT Spyder. If true, that would give the car a 5.2 liter V10 (sounds wrong when writing those words on this site).

No matter what exact embellishments we look at, the video footage tells us the Aptera means working with a Beta SEV, followed by a desert dust chaser (you can almost hear the Tesla driver coughing). We’ll leave the video below for you to judge who gets to tick the box, but it sure looks like an Aptera beta, right? Take a closer look.

It’s hard to tell because the Audi is black and backlit, which creates a longer shadow to decode, but this do a garage The green definitely stands out… and it looks like it’s moving away from the R8, right?

And imagine how many more inches along the Aptera would have been left with its distinctive low drag tire. A fully clothed Aptera will win any drag race coefficient (sorry).

Sure, this story could have a different ending under more controlled conditions complete with a fully automatic Christmas tree and timing, but still…look at the beta version. It’s all for fun, and it’s fun to see. So give it an hour and see for yourself.

If you’re impressed with Aptera, you can still book yours for $70.

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