Funny Tesla Car License Plate - No Planet B

Tesla Vanity License Plates – Smart Custom Plate Ideas

Funny Tesla Car License Plate - No Planet B

When we get a new car, we like to add those little touches that make it our own. Tesla owners are no different, but you’ll likely find a higher percentage of serious pimps among Tesla owners than other car brands.

There are a lot of options. Want to organize your spacious center console space more efficiently? Do you need to protect your boot rugs from wet skis? Sentry Mode upgraded hard drives and in-vehicle refrigerators are also available.

But all these perks and polishes are the best for you inside the car. How about highlighting your personality to those around you? A custom wrap or paint job is great, but there’s another way. license plates.

What better way to show your sense of humor, give a nice extravagant polygon of the gas that follows you, or make a serious point about why you’re turning green. Let’s take a look at some of the options you might want to consider to get a custom panel.

Many countries allow you to purchase a license plate of your choice of letters and numbers. Sure, you can search for your name or whatever means something to you alone.

But why not lean into the Tesla vibe with your dish, and make a statement! Here are five original paintings that actually exist.

lol oil

funny tesla license plate

While feeling sweet in the best of times, the recent sky-high oil and gas prices has made this Tesla owner more of a ROFL OIL than just a LOL.

3 includes

Funny Tesla License Plate 3volved

This Model 3 owner shared her new plate on Twitter, and admitted that she booked the plate 2.5 years before getting the same car. This is a dedication to reason: in this case, making a cleverly vague statement that could be taken as an observation on the level of sophistication of owners of Teslas, EVs or EVs. A nice twist on replacing the E with a 3, on the 3 model.


funny tesla license plate

Continuing the ‘Tesla E’ theme of throwing the number 3 instead, this owner knows who’s responsible for this slice of happiness. I wonder if it was a tribute to the vision and accomplishments of Elon Musk and his team, or was the car a personal gift from Elon?! Maybe not the last.


Funny tesla thx 3lon license plate

You do not need to be a certified financial advisor to offer this advice. The Model X owner is clearly playing the long game in more ways than one. Given the sanitary level of dirt on the bodywork, this license plate is a commitment to the stock market strategy of continuing to buy Tesla, and it doesn’t look like the owner will change his advice any time soon.


Funny Tesla Car License Plate - No Planet B

Right to the point, if you’d rather not beat the bush with the environmental message with a nice sense of humor, so the message isn’t lost, you can take a leaf out of this Australian owner’s book.

Unfortunately, some people can’t get their hands on a vanity plate and have to go with a custom random plate. When I’m in Switzerland you can choose your number from a catalog, and this seems to be the case for @thevoltmonkey in Germany as well:

Funny Tesla Car License Plate - DAH te514

A totally innovative way of declaring that a Tesla is not just an old Tesla, but a “Dah Tesla”.

So maybe you can see if one of these options is available in your area, or maybe you can consider some other pun lines. Model Y owners can have some fun with Y OH Y, Y BE MAD or YNOT. Or any Tesla owner can consider an electric toy, for example, OHM RUN, PLUG IN or SAY WATT.

There will be some limits, depending on where you are. There is usually a minimum and maximum number of characters allowed. Often, anything that could appear obscene or offensive will not be allowed, and there are stories of people in Canada and some US states being retroactively ordered to give up their dishes because of bad language or perceived discrimination against a racial minority group. In the UK you can’t have a Q at the beginning of your number (it’s reserved for a car group) or display a number that may appear to show the car as being smaller than it really is, as standard plates include the year of registration – including the number “22” on a car It was made in 2020, for example.

Of course, whether you’ve got the perfect board or not, there’s nothing to stop you from nodding a little bit to what you like and want with the board stand…

Funny Tesla Number Plate - Boost3d

Now, when the fully autonomous driving revolution is complete, will license plates still be needed anyway? If there are no more driving offenses, and the Robotaxi fleet means the end of parking fines, do the authorities need the plates anymore? Or will each car be identified by a unique identifier broadcast by the computer?

In the meantime, make the most of those custom boards.

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Tesla base

Teslas, in the future, may have a battery life of up to a century if the Tesla Research Group in Canada can turn its latest research paper into a reality. Dr. Jeff Dahn and his team at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada have been working exclusively with Tesla since 2015 to develop new Li-ion batteries.

Tesla described the partnership in 2015, “Jeff Dahn helps develop Li-ion batteries with improved lifespan, increased energy density, and lower cost. This collaboration is a natural fit.” While it remains to be seen whether the research team’s dream will be developed into a working production battery, the partnership appears to have paid off.

Tesla recently renewed its contract with Dahn’s team, ensuring a partnership through 2026. Additionally, Dahn added Dr. Chongyin Yang and Dr. Michael Metzger to his team in order to further enhance the research group’s ability to file battery patents on Tesla’s behalf. Dr. Yang is actually a research chair at Tesla Canada. He has worked in energy storage and conversion for more than thirteen years, having come from the University of Maryland in the United States. Dr. Metzger, a former Bosch scientist, provides an interesting background in battery design with an emphasis on the uses of water desalination.

The team recently wrote a research paper titled “Li[Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2]O2 as an excellent alternative to LiFePO4 for low-voltage, long-voltage Li-Ion cells” is published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. The paper focuses on the use of a nickel-based (NMC) battery to allow a greater number of charge cycles. Specifically, the researchers mention, “NMC cells, particularly those that are balanced Charged at 3.8 volts, they exhibit better coulombic efficiency, lower fade capacity and higher power density compared to LFP cells, and are expected to produce lifetimes close to a century at 25 °C.”

Maintaining a temperature of 25°C (77°F) may be unrealistic in real-world conditions. But, Teslas has the best battery thermal management systems currently available on the market. It has long been known that relatively stable temperatures extend the expected battery life.

Many potential electric car owners question the life expectancy of Tesla batteries, noting that the cost of replacing a car battery pack can range from $12,000 to $22,000. There is no consistent answer to the question of life expectancy.

Tesla’s current battery life can be affected by factors including temperature, discharge activity, fast charger use, and driving habits. Tesla batteries are believed to typically last about 1,500 charge cycles. If the Tesla research team can implement the new battery design in the future, the life expectancy of the Tesla battery will indeed increase (it will become a legacy for us to pass on to our children).

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We are looking for a freelance writer who loves Tesla as much as we do. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you! Find out more.

Car models used in FSD Beta come 2022.16

The latest 10.12 version of the FSD Beta uses more detailed car models for its visualizations, but these new car models are now being added to production programs as well.

Starting in 2022.16, you’ll see more detailed vehicles on the instrument cluster or center display.

These visualizations include various models of improved vehicles including sedans, vans, and semi-trailers.

Some vehicles have been completely redesigned and are more detailed than previous models.

For example, the sedan now has wheels, windows, and a glass roof, rather than the previous streamlined look that resembles a Model S console.

There are also new bike models and a beautiful new motorcycle model.

FSD Beta 10.12 also includes opening doors and turn signal animations, but it doesn’t look like these will be in 2022.16.

Only vehicle models are being taken to production now. It doesn’t seem to include anything else that beta versions currently detect and display, such as road edges and drivable areas.

FSD Beta 10.12 will now show the doors open
FSD Beta now displays turn signals

We hope that Tesla will release additional visualizations and improve production disclosures in the future. Stay tuned for more details on FSD visualizations.

book wanted

We are looking for a freelance writer who loves Tesla as much as we do. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you! Find out more.

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