Tesla Model 3 Bootcamp 2022 with Tesla Owners Club in Australia

Written by David Waterworth from Attendee Notes by Paul Wildman

The Tesla Model 3 Bootcamp 2022 was TOCA’s first bootcamp since 2019, due to the pandemic and other time requirements. How the world has changed for electric car enthusiasts in the past three years! In another 3 years, with the change of the Australian Federal Government, it will be changed again. The bootcamp took place on May 28, sponsored, organized and implemented by the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) at the RACQ Mobility Center in Cornubia, Queensland.

The primary facilitator was Luke Smith, President of TOCA: Qld. The day had something for everyone, from the brand’s new owners who just wanted to know how to enjoy their cars, to power users who were eager for more details. Everyone picked out some excellent advice. About 28 people attended, from people in their mid-30s to people in their early 70s. There were about 15 Model 3s, with other Teslas and Honda e machine guns being the only ones in Australia. The cost was around $40, including an excellent lunch box – all in all great value.

Participants talked about the joys of Model 3 ownership – the fun things for kids that make them love driving in their Teslas cars, and the power, and fuel economy (especially when paired with solar power). One family has two Teslas and both have proven to be very reliable. Many expressed their love for the Tesla community. Participants made indoor and outdoor tours, noting the following: the fog lights were hard to find and see unless someone outside was watching; View some pull up bars and bike rack bars. There were discussions about wheel size, rim style, and aerodynamics.

Free Tesla Bootcamp. Image courtesy of Paul Wildman.

The tour was broadcast on the screen inside for all to see and included seat adjustments, a 12-volt power supply, and every button was explained and displayed on each screen. Attendee participation is welcome at any time. ABC’s electric vehicle ownership is, literally, “always be on charge!”

Range factors Tesla Bootcamp. Image courtesy of Paul Wildman.

Aerodynamics: There was an interesting presentation and discussion from the slide on this. You can see that the aerodynamics, and therefore the speed, is so The The largest user of battery power, followed by the decrease in temperature and diameter, individually reducing the range by up to 40%. Don’t drip on a cold day unless you’re around the block! Fortunately, low temperatures are not a big problem in Australia. Tire and wheel pressure and tilt will also affect range.

Those interested can reach out and join TOCA on Facebook for merchandise, meeting planner, drives, and social gatherings.

drag bar: In Australia, this is what Paul calls a “big ticket” item. TOCA has spent about two years and substantially resourced ADR approval for a detachable tow bar, which is now available to mount on your Model 3 for $2000. The towbar bike rack with bikes uses up to 50% more energy than without it. A slippery trailer loaded with aerodynamics, although heavy, uses less energy than a bicycle carrier with push bikes.

Real world scope: The bidders have been really vocal about real world scope (RWR) – such that if you remove freight stores from your range expectations (don’t charge more than 90% or less than 10%), you immediately lose 20% of the car’s range. If you then take off another few percentage points for the generous standards and conditions the cars are tested under, you’ll find RWR approximately 25% lower than that quoted on the windshield sticker when you bought the car. This was something that bothered Paul, as his Model 3 Long Range showed a range well below the 635 km on the label. He now knows why the RWR is closer to 460 km. He added, “The stickers range is right, though, to go from 100% to 0% on a very good day with tail wind!”

Mobility: Much of the day was devoted to live trip planning using the ‘in-car’ navigation system, PlugShare apps, and A Better Route Planner. Paul thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and could understand a fair part of it.

Tesla Bootcamp trip planning. Photo submitted by Paul Wildman.

Paul’s main tip: “For me, the main psychological part of the day was the recurring meme: Your EV should be a fun experience. You can use it as a ‘normal’ car without any technology, or ‘professional’ your PC on wheels like we did in Sometime during the day. Both are good and in between. The big problem is enjoying your trip!!!

Well done, Toca.

Paul Wildman provided “field” notes during performances. David developed these notes in this article. These are his views and opinions on complex issues. Paul writes as an EV owner, not as a journalist or EV expert – as an “older” user.


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