Tesla colors and how much they add to the cost

There are many customization options available when ordering a new Tesla including the color of the car, but you will pay more for some colours.

There are several Tesla The models to choose from and there are also different colors in which each EV can be purchased. In terms of color choices, it doesn’t matter which Tesla a consumer chooses since the Model S, 3, X and Y all come with the same color options. However, the color a consumer chooses can actually affect the price they pay for their new electric vehicle.

With the company succeeding in establishing itself as the first choice in the minds of many consumers, Tesla has grown into one of the best known and most popular electric vehicle makers over the years. There are a number of reasons for this including the technology inside its cars, the extensive charging network that helps alleviate any concerns about running out of power during a long trip, and the choice of customizations available.

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When placing an order on Tesla’s website, consumers can customize various elements of the vehicle including paint, wheels, interior, and whether full autonomous driving should be added. The latter is what Teslas became famous for and increased the cost by $12,000. When it comes to paint, any Tesla can be ordered in either Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver metallic, Navy Blue metallic, or Multi-Coated Red.

Color can affect the price of a Tesla car

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If you want to keep the cost of buying a Tesla as low as possible, Pearl White is the only color included in the price for all models. However, should they choose the Model 3 or the Model Y, consumers can choose between either Pearl White or Midnight Silver Metallic at no additional cost. If you’re buying a Model S or Model X, Midnight Silver Metallic will cost an additional $1,500. Deep Blue Metallic adds to the price of all electric vehicles, increasing the cost by $1,000 on the Model 3 and Y, and $1,500 on the Model S and X. Regardless of the model, choosing any Tesla in Solid Black will raise the price by $1,500. However, Red Multi-Coat is the most expensive color overall, with the price increasing by $2,000 on the Model 3 and Model Y, and $2,500 on the Model S and X.

It’s also worth noting that paint isn’t the only color option a buyer has when ordering a Tesla. The company also allows for customization of the interior and there are usually two or three colors to choose from, depending on the model. On all Tesla models, the All Black interior is included free of charge. With the Model 3 and Model Y, buyers can upgrade to “black and white” for an additional $1,000, while the same upgrade (with walnut decor) will cost $2,000 on the Model S and X. Those who order a Model S or Model X from Tesla You also have the option to change the interior color to cream (also with walnut decor) for an additional $2,000.

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