Tesla Cheat Sheet: Model 3 vs. Model Y vs. Model X vs. Model S.

If you’re planning to buy a Tesla, there’s one key thing you should know before handing over your cash. Even though there are only four Tesla cars available for sale, you do get a huge amount of choice.

Our comparison of the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model X and Model S shows that there are a lot of options and levels. And these packages are not just about premium add-ons; They change what you can expect from a Tesla car’s range, performance, price and delivery time. So here’s a summary of the different Tesla configurations you can have, and how that changes things.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y, Model X and Model S: Prices

Lowest price most expensive w/ full self-driving
Tesla Model 3 $46,990 $51,490 $63,490
Tesla Model 3 Long Range 54,990 dollars $58,990 $70,990
Tesla Model 3 performance $61,990 $64,990 $76,990
Tesla Model Y Long Range $62,990 $71,990 $83,990
Tesla Model Y Performance $67,990 $71,990 $83,990
Tesla Model X $114,990 $131,490 $143,490
Tesla Model X Blade $138,990 $148,990 $160,990
Tesla Model S $99,990 $108,990 $120,990
Tesla Model S Blade $135,990 $144,990 $156,990

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y: Power

(Image credit: Tesla)

The standard rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest vehicle currently sold by Tesla, with a starting price of $46,990. The Long Range Model 3 costs $54,490 and the Performance Model 3 is the most expensive at $61,990. All of these prices depend on you owning a vehicle with 18-inch wheels, a white or dark gray paint job, and an all-black interior.

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