Tesla may soon be able to close your windows for you

Tesla automatically closes your windows if it starts raining

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Tesla may soon be able to close your windows for you

Ugh. At that moment, you look outside and see the falling rain pouring down the window of the nearby window. You bite your lip remembering you left the windows open in a Tesla.

It was so hot… I ventilated the windows via a Tesla app to help prevent your glass roof from radiating your home in molten lava. Now the rain must be falling on your house, soaking your seats and floor mats. The scramble to open the app brings a pleasant surprise.

Somehow, your Tesla has known to close its windows. Has your car developed a self-aware artificial intelligence? No, not yet at least.

Tesla has added a new useful function: automatically closing the window with the forecast of precipitation.

Elon Musk announced on Twitter on May 30, 2022 that it now appears that Tesla is ready to connect the meteorological predictions to the car’s actions.

While weather-based actions have been part of API services like IFTTT, this is the first time Tesla plans to use weather data to initiate an action taken by a vehicle.

Tesla appears to have invested heavily in weather forecasting lately, as evidenced by its use of weather data in new forecasting models announced in the 2022.16 update.

Factor the new energy use model into expected weather conditions when calculating range and energy use.

In addition, Chinese drivers receive air quality indicator numbers in their status bar. However, these features do not affect the condition of the car.

The ability of Tesla cars to automatically perform certain functions based on predictive weather certainly provides additional opportunities for using weather data.

Future use of weather data could theoretically include changing the driver’s acceleration mode automatically to “cold” when snow and ice are expected.

Or, a Tesla vehicle equipped with a HEPA filter can activate Bioweapon Defense mode on orange air quality days to check for pollen and other contaminants.

The possibilities for using weather data to adjust vehicle settings seem endless.

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Tesla may soon support automatically applying the brakes when renewal is limited

It’s hard to pinpoint the best Tesla feature or the one that changed driving habits the most, but regenerative braking should be at the top of the list for anyone who owns an electric car.

After getting used to the system, the brake pedal becomes old.

However, that piece of metal to the left of the accelerator is quickly remembered during cold temperatures or when the battery is fully charged and regenerative braking is reduced or unavailable.

A feature in Tesla’s latest update (2022.16) appears to address this issue by adding an option to make the car perform the same with or without regenerative braking.

When regenerative braking is reduced and the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will automatically apply its normal brakes. This gives the driver a consistent driving experience whether regenerative braking is fully available or limited.

Regenerative braking is one of the most important factors that make electric vehicles so efficient. While in motion, if the driver applies less pressure to the gas pedal or nearly takes his or her foot off the pedal to slow down, most electric vehicles will slow down like applying the brakes, but they don’t.

This one-foot-long driving style saves the use of brake pads and sends a charge to the battery, creating additional power. Tesla thinks this is such an important feature that it made the most powerful regenerative braking mode record in 2020.

However, if the car is fully charged, the battery will not consume more energy. This system is also known to work differently in colder climates.

Now, thanks to the 2022.16 update, during those conditions, Tesla’s Model 3s and Model Ys will perform the same without being able to engage in regenerative braking.

In the release notes, Tesla stated, “Your vehicle can now automatically apply normal brakes to continuous deceleration when regenerative braking is limited by battery temperature or charging status.”

It appears that this feature is only available on the Limited Model 3s and Model Y, but it is possible that Tesla will test the feature on very limited devices before making it more widely available.

Understandably, some drivers may be turned off by applying the car to the brakes without the driver specifically depressing the brake pedal, so Tesla has made this feature optional.

If drivers want to reacquaint themselves with the brake pedal, they do not need to enable the new feature; For those who do: Click Controls > Pedals & Steering > Apply brakes when regenerative braking is limited. But, again, this is only available for a select group of Model 3 and Model Y cars.

There is no news on when it will be more widely available.

Another change happened in the latest over-the-air update, so you probably didn’t realize it was there.

After reading this, you may want to check the upper left corner of the screen. There is a line directly above the speedometer. You may have noticed it before and not given it a second look, but the line provides some valuable information.

The line is in the middle if the car is not using or gaining power, but turns black during acceleration and green during regenerative braking.

You’re not alone if you haven’t noticed or ignored it, because Tesla made the line thicker and easier to see. This update is also available for Model 3 and Model Y Teslas only.

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Funny Tesla Car License Plate - No Planet B

When we get a new car, we like to add those little touches that make it our own. Tesla owners are no different, but you’ll likely find a higher percentage of serious pimps among Tesla owners than other car brands.

There are a lot of options. Want to organize your spacious center console space more efficiently? Do you need to protect your boot rugs from wet skis? Sentry Mode upgraded hard drives and in-vehicle refrigerators are also available.

But all these perks and polishes are the best for you inside the car. How about highlighting your personality to those around you? A custom wrap or paint job is great, but there’s another way. license plates.

What better way to show your sense of humour, give a nice ripoff of the gas following you, or make a serious point about why you’re turning green. Let’s take a look at some of the options you might want to consider to get a custom panel.

Many countries allow you to purchase a license plate of your choice of letters and numbers. Sure, you can search for your name or whatever means something to you alone.

But why not lean into the Tesla vibe with your dish, and make a statement! Here are five original paintings that actually exist.

lol oil

funny tesla license plate

While feeling sweet in the best of times, the recent sky-high oil and gas prices has made this Tesla owner more of a ROFL OIL than just a LOL.

3 includes

Funny Tesla License Plate 3volved

This Model 3 owner shared her new plate on Twitter, and admitted that she booked the plate 2.5 years before getting the same car. This is a dedication to reason: in this case, making a cleverly vague statement that could be taken as an observation on the level of sophistication of owners of Teslas, EVs or EVs. A nice twist on replacing the E with a 3, on the 3 model.


funny tesla license plate

Continuing the ‘Tesla E’ theme of throwing the number 3 instead, this owner knows who’s responsible for this slice of happiness. I wonder if it was a tribute to the vision and accomplishments of Elon Musk and his team, or was the car a personal gift from Elon?! Maybe not the last.


Funny tesla thx 3lon license plate

You do not need to be a certified financial advisor to offer this advice. The Model X owner is clearly playing the long game in more ways than one. Given the sanitary level of dirt on the bodywork, this license plate is a commitment to the stock market strategy of continuing to buy Tesla, and it doesn’t look like the owner will change his advice any time soon.


Funny Tesla Car License Plate - No Planet B

Right to the point, if you’d rather not beat the bush with the environmental message with a nice sense of humor, so the message isn’t lost, you can take a leaf out of this Australian owner’s book.

Unfortunately, some people can’t get their hands on a vanity plate and have to go with a custom random plate. When I’m in Switzerland you can pick your number from a catalog, and that seems to be the case for @thevoltmonkey in Germany as well:

Funny Tesla Car License Plate - DAH te514

A totally innovative way of declaring that a Tesla is not just an old Tesla, but a “Dah Tesla”.

So maybe you can see if one of these options is available in your area, or maybe you can consider some other pun lines. Model Y owners can have some fun with Y OH Y, Y BE MAD or YNOT. Or any Tesla owner can consider an electric toy, for example, OHM RUN, PLUG IN or SAY WATT.

There will be some limits, depending on where you are. There is usually a minimum and maximum number of characters allowed. Often, anything that could appear obscene or offensive will not be allowed, and there are stories of people in Canada and some US states being retroactively ordered to give up their dishes because of bad language or perceived discrimination against a racial minority group. In the UK you can’t have a Q at the beginning of your number (it’s reserved for a car group) or display a number that may appear to show the car as being smaller than it really is, as standard plates include the year of registration – including the number “22” on a car It was made in 2020, for example.

Of course, whether you’ve got the perfect board or not, there’s nothing to stop you from nodding a bit of what you like and want with the board stand…

Funny Tesla Number Plate - Boost3d

Now, when the full self-driving revolution is complete, will license plates still be needed anyway? If there are no more driving offenses, and the Robotaxi fleet means the end of parking fines, do the authorities need the plates anymore? Or will each car be identified by a unique identifier broadcast by the computer?

In the meantime, make the most of those custom boards.

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We are looking for a freelance writer who loves Tesla as much as we do. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you! Find out more.

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