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STARTECH’s modified Tesla Model Y gives electric vehicle owners some much-needed customization options

There is no denying that the Tesla Model Y is one of the most popular electric crossovers on sale currently. However, when potential electric vehicle owners run a Tesla site, they find only a handful of color and wheel options to distinguish their new purchase from thousands of others. As a result, most Tesla cars tend to look nearly identical, and feature combinations of the same colors.

To give electric car owners some much-needed customization options, STARTECH has developed an extensive parts catalog for both the Model 3 and the Model Y. While parts for the electric sedan are currently available for sale, its crossover sister will have to wait until later this summer. We recently got a chance to visit STARTECH to check out the first Model Y in the US and even take it for a drive.


If the name STARTECH doesn’t immediately ring any bells, you’re not alone. However, its parent company, Brabus, has a long history of modifying vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. While STARTECH is also focused on developing quality OEM parts for cars from Aston Martin, Range Rover, Maserati and Land Rover, they decided to venture into the world of EV via Tesla.

Like BRABUS, STARTECH aims to use parts as close to OEM quality as possible. This means retaining OEM mounting points and developing plug-and-play electronics that do not hamper the vehicle’s original capabilities.

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the parts

The Tesla Model Y from STARTECH we had the opportunity to check out is the first in the US and features the most parts catalog. Up front, that means a new, redesigned front bumper with optional fog lights. While the rear bumper remains unchanged, STARTECH introduces a new rear diffuser that gives the Model Y a more aggressive look. STARTECH offers two aerodynamic front spoiler options, one on the roof and the other on the hatch.

To give the Model Y a lower stance, STARTECH offers lowered springs that reduce the electric vehicle’s ride height by 40mm. Buyers can choose from a range of 20 or 22 inches. The pictures shown above are a 22-inch option, wrapped with 265/30 and 285/30 tires.

Inside, the Tesla Model Y by STARTECH has gotten some significant upgrades. For starters, the new seat covers featuring vegan leather in a cognac-colored finish radically change the aesthetic appearance of the cabin. Buyers can choose to sew “electronic circuit” to get more flare.

In front of the driver you will notice a flat-bottom steering wheel wrapped in leather and Alcantara. However, the big story inside is the suite of digital tools. It’s a plug-and-play system that allows the driver to focus on looking ahead rather than turning his head to look at the electric vehicle’s center display.

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CD player

On the road, the Tesla Model Y from STARTECH is no different than the stock for the better. A typical concern in lowering a car, especially a heavy one like the Model Y, is the potential added stiffness. However, because the STARTECH’s lowering springs drop the EV only slightly, it keeps it comfortable on the road. We got a chance to drive it through typical city streets without any complaints from that front.

Our driving also revealed that this Tesla Model Y from STARTECH uses a basic version of the EV as its base. As a result, there is no need to get the highest performing version to use these parts. Fit any trim level. The same goes for the smaller Model 3.

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On the pricing front, there’s a lot to discuss with the Tesla Model Y by STARTECH, and that’s because it has the most parts catalog. However, owners can choose the parts they want as they are all sold separately. All in all, the car shown above has $21,200 in parts. This includes such notable elements as the front bumper ($2,195), rear diffuser ($1,495), sports steering wheel ($1,895), and embroidered seat covers ($3,995).

As of this writing, these parts for the Tesla Model Y are only available for pre-order. According to STARTECH, they will arrive sometime later this summer with Model 3 parts currently available for purchase.

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