See the Tesla Model 3 Drag Race Muscle on the sector

At an event hosted at Bandimere Speedway, gear heads got together to see if their muscle cars could beat some of the fastest electric vehicles around.

The Tesla Model 3 is fast, we all know that. According to Tesla, the car can hit 60 mph in under 3.1 seconds. Reaping the benefits of instant torque available from the electric drive system and the deep release capability of Tesla’s all-wheel drive system, the owner of this electric vehicle can wear his smug face at any traffic light. The Model 3 first left the gates of the Tesla factory in 2013 and the Model S in 2012. A decade of sports car-beating novelty is still going strong. Last month an owner smoked a string of hardcore cars in his tow bar.

At an event hosted at Bandimere Speedway, gear heads got together to see if their muscle cars could beat some of the fastest electric vehicles around.

Is Tesla faster than Hellcat?

Lined up, the blue Model 3 looks seriously out of place. When driving on the left lane, the Camaro ZL1 comes in an attractive dark orange colour. With a large wing, black wheels with muscle car proportions, the roar that matches the Camaro feels like it belongs in a drag strip. But every gearhead knows this story now. The Camaro hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. In drag racing, all that matters is the initial acceleration and 440 yards will be over soon. The Tesla owner appears to be reacting slower than the Camaro driver, presumably a seasoned sector veteran. Despite this, the Tesla owner still came home first running 11,675 compared to the Chevy 13.070.

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The next Tesla victim is chasing the line: a bright yellow Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It’s not a demon that gets 840 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque and hits 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. Only the “regular” model has 717 horsepower. With a 3.4-second sprint to 60 mph, the Hellcat is still set to lose to a Tesla. However, the Hellcat jumps off the line faster than the Tesla. The Dodge runs 11.024 quarter miles at 128.10 mph. According to Carindigo, that’s about 8 tenths of a second faster than the Hellcat’s official figure. As for gear heads, that’s it between electric vehicles and cars with an internal combustion engine.

Is Tesla faster than a dragster?

Red 2021 Tesla Model S Patterned
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The first classic muscle car to line up with Tesla is the Dodge Dart. A drag sight icon, he packs serious muscle under the hood. With a much shorter body than E-body cars like the Challenger, the 1968 Dart carries less weight and is therefore the fastest quarter-mile. Perhaps running out of the light a bit early, the Dart established a clear lead on this particular Tesla. But, by the end of their quarter, Tesla came home with 11,462 and ran 11.912. For those keeping the lane is 2 to 1, in favor of the combustion engine.

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The 1966 blue Chevrolet Nova takes on this race with grit. With its large hood bulge, the Nova hints at its potential. Just like the Dart, the Nova is a favorite in the drag racing community due to its power-to-weight ratio. Tesla received a modest handicap, with Nova flying in the distance, Tesla quickly closing the gap running in the mid-11 again compared to Nova’s time of 13 seconds.

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