San Antonio Paralympic athlete reunites with his stolen gold medals this weekend

On Wednesday, the man caught on camera was caught stealing this weekend’s Paralympic medals and the medals he stole were returned to their owner.

San Antonio – A Paralympian player is reunited with his gold medals after the man accused of stealing them was arrested.

On Wednesday, San Antonio Police Chief and Paralympic athlete, Jane Lee, spoke after the case of the stolen gold medals ended.

After their robbery on Saturday night, Lee shared the video of the crime that went viral on Twitter and Facebook. Less than 24 hours later, the medals were delivered to a police substation on the northwest side.

WEDNESDAY MORNING – The US Marines’ Lone Star Fugitives have captured the man caught on camera stealing them.

Jane Lee, goalkeeper for the USA Special Needs Hockey Team, said he was grateful for the work the San Antonio Police Department did in resolving the case quickly.

The police said it was not just a video clip – but with the help of the public that solved the case.

For me, it wasn’t about the gold medals in the first place.

“It’s the memories, the people I connect with, the rehab, the physical therapist for my colleagues, the men I rehabilitate side by side, and all the [Paralympic] games,” he told me.

But when the medals were stolen, Lee, the veteran, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2009, thought the worst.

“It’s a great achievement but in the end it’s material items, I was willing to accept that I was willing to lose it forever,” he told me.

The camera in Lee’s Tesla Model 3 captured 36-year-old Rogelio Solis breaking into Lee’s car and stealing the backpack containing the gold medals on Saturday night.

Solis was arrested Wednesday morning at about 9:30 a.m. at the 5100 Roosevelt Street Block on the south side of town.

President McManus said he was grateful to all the people who took part and posted the video: “I couldn’t imagine that this thing would go on for so long without this guy being arrested.” McManus’ boss believes he played a factor in getting the medals back so quickly.

“I think if this person who broke into Mr. Lee’s car was following this or saw how it exploded on Twitter, I think that’s why the backpack was left in place,” Chief McManus said.

During all of Lee’s ordeals – he says the support he has received over the past week reminds him that these are people’s badges.

He thought to me how his military service had brought him to San Antonio. After the motorcycle accident, he moved to San Antonio to do his rehab and connected with Operation Rest, which helps wounded veterans. This got him involved in skate hockey and the rest is history.

“From the time of enlistment in the army, when you serve and put your right hand on, you know you are doing this for the right thing. You would never expect anything to return to this, it is a surreal experience and a memory to cherish too,” he told me.

Solis is booked into the Bexar County Jail and faces one count of car theft.

Lee says the next big trip for the medals will be to Washington, D.C. in two weeks when the US Paralympic team meets the president and tours the White House.

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