Owning a Tesla Model 3 after one year – the truth

Owning a Tesla Model 3 after one year – the truth

The Standard Model 3 RWD is Tesla’s cheapest car. Even as the least expensive car in Tesla, it is packed with many features. Here, we have one user experience after one year of ownership. Let’s see what he has to say.

What’s so great about the Model 3? The car looks really cool. It is designed for flight dynamics. Most of the angles are really cool to look at. The car is Tesla’s smallest car, but it still has plenty of storage space. The back area has plenty of space and folds flat seats with a large storage compartment underneath. There are also side compartments and a front storage compartment.

The fact that the car is completely electric means that it can be charged at home. You can also charge in superchargers if you don’t have home charging. Day in and day out, this is much better than filling with gas. Gas is often at least three times more expensive than an electric car. You can still take road trips with super chargers without any problem and use the Tesla app. Super chargers are very fast and are conveniently placed. You can determine the charging time on the road with rest and dining room flights.

Charging is a concern for people, however, charging with a super charger is not a concern – it’s extremely fast. The Tesla Model 3 is very fast even with the base model at 5.8 seconds. It doesn’t sound fast, but with instant torque, you can navigate really fast and accelerate quickly if you need to.

More Tesla Model 3 features

You can use one pedal to drive with the accelerator pedal and when you need a break, you can simply raise the throttle. This returns power to the battery and can extend the battery’s charging range. Most of the time, you can use one pedal to break. You can come to a complete stop using only the accelerator.

Other benefits come with zero emissions from the exhaust pipes and you can run the vehicle with air conditioning in advance. You don’t have to worry about the engine running and the car is almost silent. If the climate controls are out of order, then here you are only a small part of the electric motor and tires. The car also has autopilot by default. The FSD is currently priced at $12,000 and doesn’t provide enough to justify the price. Autopilot is great for long drives and comfortable highway driving. You still need to monitor the autopilot.

Everything about driving the Model 3 is great, along with the on-screen technology. The 15 inch touch screen has all the features you will need to drive your car. You can browse the music easily. Attaching blue teeth is easy as well. When backing up, you get the rear camera and the side cameras, which makes backing up the car very easy. This means that you can backup a space in one try.

User profiles are another bonus to the car and all preferences, including seat positions and climate controls can be stored in a user profile. The user interface also adds blind spot cameras when the turn signal is on so you can see if another vehicle is in your blind spot. The Tesla app also lets you preconfigure your vehicle and check its location, along with guard mode cameras.

The car is small but the glass roof makes it feel like it is open. The standard range has a range of 272 miles. That was a lot of scope for this user. If you have an easy charging solution, a standard car should run just fine, even with daily driving. The real world range is likely about 10% less than the stated range and more than 250 miles.

Downsides of the Tesla Model 3

Some things don’t work perfectly all the time, like the little things. Apps like Spotify and Title can have a few bugs. Spotify has regular issues and switching to Title for music worked best for this user. Searching for music is difficult and confusing.

To pre-condition the car. Once you get in the car, it goes back to your profile settings. If it’s hot and you want to turn on the air conditioner, the car will go back to the default settings for your profiles.

If you don’t like the new UI on the center console screen, you’re stuck with it. Many want their car to stay the way it is and things not move. This will be a challenge for people who do not like change.

Tesla windshield wipers don’t work perfectly. Sometimes they go off for no reason on sunny days. And they won’t last close enough when there’s rain.

Car door handles look beautiful and contribute to its elegant appearance. Trying to explain how to unlock a Tesla Model 3 to non-owners is difficult. The wheels are surrounded by the frame and facilitate collision braking. It is important to drive away from barriers and use cameras.

One of the strangest things was something in the HVAC system. Sometimes an unpleasant smell emanates from the nozzles. However, you should not do this in the car. Natural air fresheners can help. This problem usually appears in the heat and the sun.

Since the initial service appointment, nothing has been paid for maintenance. That’s a huge improvement over the average car.

What do you think of the standard Tesla Model 3 range? Is it worth it at $47,000?

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