It’s just like a normal car – Polestar 2

That’s why Ross bought the Polestar 2. Of course, it’s not merely Like a normal car. He meant it’s an easier transition than a fossil-fueled car because the dashboard and design are similar. You climb into the driver’s seat and the controls are familiar to you. It even has a traditional gearshift lever. The new owner does not get “future shock”. Ross has driven a lot of electric cars, but he thinks the Polestar is a better looking car than the others.

Direct and Polestar 2 chargers.

Since he removed the identification stickers on the car in order to paint it with ceramic, people have no idea what kind of car it is. Added to this is the fact that there is not much in Queensland. He enjoys the experience of cruising at the lights and seeing people raise their necks to check out the white lightning that leaves other cars in the dust.

Gearshift Polestar 2 – like a regular car.

Ross is very knowledgeable and has listed the acceleration times of his Polestar compared to the acceleration times of the Tesla Model 3. In short, his Polestar 2 is like money for Tesla Model 3 performance but has similar acceleration and range to the Tesla Model 3 Long Range once the performance software upgrade is released in Australia, which is something expected in the coming months. I get the impression that this question has been asked a lot. Of course, there is no option for self-driving in the Polestar 2. It is also slightly less efficient than the Tesla Model 3.

The twin-engine Polestar 2 is supposed to have a range of 480 kilometers, but regularly gets about 370 kilometers with a 90% charge. The car is built on the Volvo Cars platform and still has a shaft tunnel in the rear full of batteries. He says he doesn’t notice because he’s not sitting in the back seats.

The car has aftermarket Heico wheels and lowered springs. “To me it proves that you can modify the electric car and make it look good.”

Ross was working in the financial sector as a stockbroker when he saw an opportunity in electric cars and founded his own company, Chargers Direct. They are one of the four Polestar approved suppliers of charging stations in Australia. Chargers Direct also supplies and installs charging stations for a wide range of electric vehicles, with coverage across Australia, servicing anyone who drives an electric vehicle. Its main clients are complex projects, including apartment buildings. Ross agrees that the most difficult task is getting the body companies to agree to roll out charging stations while the sector is still very small.

“Every time we go somewhere, people notice, and we have fun conversations. It looks so different. One day I went to get some beer and a Mazda 3 took me on the road and the driver cornered me at the bottle shop. Turns out he ordered a Kia EV6 and wanted to compare notes. I had him test drive and he was very impressed.”

“When I was a teenager, I had a picture of a Lamborghini on my bedroom wall. My 9-year-old son has a Tesla sticker. I think it’s ambitious.”

Ross ordered a white BYD Ato3 electric crossover for work. One will arrive in July and the other in August. I asked him, “Why?” He told me about his last fossil-fueled vehicle, a Hyundai Tucson he bought in 2019. Ato3 is similar in size and at a cheaper price. The extended range of the Atto 3 is A$47,000. “Best bang for my buck,” he said. I replied “Better zap for your buck”.

“Then the Queensland government contributes A$3,000 deduction. Plus, as a company car we can claim a GST refund on your purchase. The order trial took about ten minutes. I’ll pick up the car from mycar. Having already had an online experience with Polestar ordering the Atto 3 is relatively familiar.

It won’t be long when electric cars and online ordering will be “normal” experiences. It will be gasoline cars and dealerships that will become the new “extraordinary”.


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