Hoonigan checks out Tesla’s off-road and gas-powered wheels

Hoonigan showcases the best designs from the craziest motoring minds. Ken Block’s Hoonigan as the Hoonicorn Mustang makes stunt cars depicting the Gymkhana series. Under the Hoonigan umbrella, his team shows what other like-minded individuals are producing. Grind Hard Plumbing brought some of its best projects on a trip to Hoonigan’s corporate headquarters, Tire Slayer Studios in Compton.

According to Hoonigan YouTube channel, “They build weird things and do weirder things in them.” The first of these strange projects, electric wheels with four-wheel drive motors pocket, so he managed to jump through the fire. The custom car producer started with the Barbie truck, a ride on toy car referred to as power wheels that fit the engine. Since then, they’ve gone crazy a little more each time. Its latest design is the Tesla Model 3, ready to take on any off-road challenge.

These designs show how crazy gear heads can get.

What are electric jeep wheels?

The Grind Hard Plumbing Company has now settled on what they call “core senders”. It started life as an electric-wheeled version of the Jeep Hurricane Concept. This concept was Chrysler’s version of an extreme Jeep. With a 5.7-liter Hemi engine, four-wheel steering, and 20 inches of suspension, the concept was a Wrangler-turned 11. Modifiers installed a KTM Adventure 990 engine on their Jeep. With a 999cc engine producing just over 100 horsepower and a weight of around 700 pounds, this lightweight Jeep will surely fly. The V-twin engine rubs directly into the driver’s seat. In the back, as well as next to the seat, there are gas tanks.

Engineering Wheels Power is the body of the game, on the chassis of an ATV with crazy engine shifting. After testing the power wheels, Grind Hard Plumbing leaped 46 feet over the other two power wheels, a Camaro, and a cop car, making this little Jeep the power wheels monster truck.

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As the sun sets, they start to have some fun. At first, jeeps were small, but with the driver’s slight pressure on the throttle, they threw their weight back, almost breaking in a wheelie. The driver’s view camera shows how hard the wheel is working to maintain control of that force. However, in true Hoonigan style, it doesn’t take much to get those power wheels sideways. With both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive available, this vehicle has incredible handling capabilities. With some water dumped on the tarmac, the jeep can’t easily break traction and slip into a donut.

How does a Tesla off-road vehicle work?

Off-road Tesla Model 3
Hoonigan via YouTube

This Tesla takes the Regular Model 3 and turns it into a real off-road vehicle. As a parody of Overland society, this Tesla has a surplus at its core. The facade of beauty is long gone. Already written off when they got it, this Tesla was ready for the scrap yard. After hitting the front end, they embraced the ugliness. The Grind Hard Plumbing Company took off the front bumper, and replaced it with a cowl bar, 1,200-pound winch, and spotlights. It’s the same story in the back. Along the sides are rocker sliders to protect the rest of the Model 3’s body. For the elevated aesthetic that all true off-road vehicles should have, they chose two-inch spring spacers to clean larger tires. The Tesla Model 3 now features 28-inch wheels.

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The finishing touch gives the original Tesla credentials to go anywhere. A tent is installed on the roof. One can step into this using rock sliders. This tent is custom built and one of a kind, shorter and narrower than most rooftop tents on the market. Built with stronger struts than standard struts, the Tesla tent can withstand the weight of its Camaro-inspired electric wheels. The interior of this Tesla is the same as the production model but with more dirt and sand than any road-going Tesla you’ll see on foot.

Beneath its brutal exterior, this Tesla Model 3 is stock. With all-wheel drive, there’s not much the teams can do with it. According to Tesla, the Model 3 has a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds with a range of 358 miles. Grind Hard Plumbing took his Tesla to the Mojave Desert where the land builder passed through 3 feet of deep water. After they tried hard resetting the car and starting it up, they had no luck. However, the battery-powered Tesla couldn’t restart on the track and was dragged by the Jeep Gladiator. The Grind Hard team thinks they blew the Pyro fuse and broke something else.

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