Here’s the most you can pay for the cheapest Tesla electric car

The Model 3 may be Tesla’s cheapest electric car, but the price escalates quickly and dramatically if you want the best version possible.

a lot of Tesla The conversation often revolves around the price of the cheapest electric car, but sometimes it pays to be aware of how much you can pay for the same EV model. Just like buying many other products, Tesla offers various customization options, all of which add to the overall cost. If you add them all to your Tesla Model 3, here’s what you’ll get and how much you can expect to pay.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest car to date. There has been constant grumbling that Tesla is preparing to release a cheaper car. Specifically, it costs less than $30,000 and possibly as low as $25,000, but it remains to be seen if that will actually happen. Even if it does, it remains to be seen if a cheaper model will become available everywhere at the same low price.

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The Model 3 was originally marketed as a $35,000 Tesla, but over the years and partly due to issues beyond Tesla’s control, the price has skyrocketed. Attempting to purchase the Base Model 3 today will set the buyer back $48,490, excluding any tax benefits or deductions. With the way the market has been trending lately and the various price increases that Tesla has implemented, this price could end up going higher in the near future.

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The first thing to note is that the $48,000 mentioned above relates to the Standard Model 3. For example, consumers can choose to upgrade to the long-running Model 3 which increases the cost to $57,490, with no benefits or tax credits. There’s also an option to upgrade to Model 3 Performance which brings the cost up to $62,990 before any discounts. Consumers can add more to the Model 3’s performance cost by changing the color to red (add $2,000), the interior to black and white (add another $1,000), and then upgrade the car’s intelligence to fully autonomous driving (add another $12,000). It all takes the Model 3 cost up to $77,990.

Until then, that’s not the total cost of the most expensive Model 3. There’s also $1,200″Destination and documents$250 application fee and fee, both totaling $79,440 this is still excludedTaxes and other feesAccording to Tesla. For reference, there is also a $400 home charging wall connector and a $200 mobile phone connector that can be purchased as well, and they are not added to the total bill. For example, if you order a strictly customized version of the aforementioned Tesla Model 3 Buyer will commit $79,440 (excluding taxes and other fees) for the vehicle, and will need to pay $850 up front to take care of the $250 non-refundable application fee (also included in $79,440) plus the wall connector and mobile phone connector (not included). Neither is included in the price (US$79,440).

To summarize, not only Tesla The original $35,000 car has grown to more than $48,000 since its launch, but by upgrading to a performance model and then adding all available extras, including fully self-driving and additional charging connectors, the price crosses the $80,000 line.

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