Here’s how to clean jeans stains from the white seats of a Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y


The white interior is the most popular choice among Tesla owners because it really matches the automaker’s futuristic look. The white seats also stand out in the dark exterior and add to the Tesla’s interior ambiance.

As good as they look, Tesla owners and potential buyers usually worry about stains these seats might attract, especially from dyed jeans (jeans).

Since the driver’s seat is the most commonly used in any car, it’s more likely to pick up stains from jeans than any other car seat. Tesla began switching to vegan leather seating in 2015 to stay focused on its sustainability mission.

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White seats are part of the White Cabin premium package. For the Tesla Model 3 and Y, it costs an additional $1,000 over the MSRP and for the Model S and X, it’s a $2,000 option.

A Tesla owner recently asked the Tesla Reddit community how to clean or remove stains from his white Tesla Model 3 seats. u/streakybcn posted the following photo of his white denim-stained driver’s seat that several owners gave their advice on.

Jeans patches on the seat of a white Tesla Model 3. Credit: u/streakybcn via Reddit.

The most common cleaning solution for white seats suggested by current Tesla owners is to use baby wipes once a week. The frequency should be no more than once a week to avoid damaging the plant leather with too much scrubbing.

Some Tesla owners have suggested using the GYEON Mild Leather Cleaner as well which is a good option that costs $16.99 for a 500ml bottle. Using a microfiber cloth with liquid-based cleaners is better than using a regular cloth.


Another Tesla owner uses a CarGuys Super Cleaner but recommends cleaning with this solution when stains are new, and old stains can be difficult to remove.

In the cleaning section of the owner’s manual, Tesla, Inc. Officially, the best way to clean a white interior bench seat is with a soft cloth dampened in mild soap and water only.

Wipe up spills and chemical residues from interior surfaces as soon as possible using a soft cloth dampened in warm water and a non-detergent soap. Wipe gently in a circular motion. Then dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Although the seat surfaces are designed to repel stains, Tesla recommends regular cleaning to maintain performance and a new look. Immediately treat dye transfer from clothing, such as indigo-dyed denim. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, including some cosmetics. Never use cleaners that contain alcohol or bleach. Test the cleaners on an inconspicuous area before applying them to visible surfaces.

Vacuum the fabric seats as needed to remove any loose dirt.

Tesla Owner’s Manual

Compare the clean, stained part of a white Tesla seat using only soap and water and a soft cloth. Credit: The Tesla Sheep / YouTube, named Iqtidar Ali /

A Tesla owner from YouTube channel “The Tesla Sheep” demonstrates how to clean a white Tesla vegan leather seat using just soapy water and a soft cloth (video below). This is also cheap and does not damage the protective coating of the seats.


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