Ford and Mercedes-Benz are among the cars recalled this week

US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration


The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration listed recalls for May 12-19, including a Ford recall of 310,203 vehicles and a Mercedes-Benz recall of 292,287 units. See the list below of this week’s car recalls of 10 or more cars, or search USA TODAY’s car recall database for more information:


Ford Motor Co. is recalling some 2021 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles. A fire may occur in the engine compartment while driving or standing, even with the ignition in the “off” position. 39,013 units are affected. Read more

Ford is also calling in some 2016 Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 pickup trucks. Dust may accumulate in the steering wheel clock spring, causing a power outage, causing the driver’s air bag not to inflate as intended. 310,203 trucks were affected. Read more

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