Elon Musk calls the AOC a doll after she revealed she wants to replace her Tesla with a Union EV built

In the 2020 elections, Democrats won both houses of Congress and the presidency. At the time, the most vocal party about climate change taking power was thought to be favorable to Tesla since the EV maker is the leading producer of sustainable products.

However, the relationship between Tesla and the new management was not smooth at all. The initial fissures between Tesla and the Democrats began to emerge after Tesla exited the Electric Vehicle Summit held at the White House.

At the time, electric car summit attendees included CEOs from General Motors, Ford and United Auto Workers, as well as Stellantis, the company formed by the merger of Fiat Chrysler and France’s PSA. During the summit, President Biden congratulated General Motors CEO Mary Barra on his leadership in the transition to electric vehicles.

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To highlight the absurdity of this statement, in the first three months of 2022, General Motors delivered only 457 electric vehicles worldwide. By comparison, in the same time frame, Tesla has delivered more than 300,000 electric vehicles and made up more than 70% of electric vehicles sold in the United States.

After disdain for Tesla, relations between the electric car maker and Democrats fell even further, as Democrats in Congress introduced a new incentive bill for electric cars.

According to the new bill, Tesla buyers will get a $8,000 federal EV stimulus while Ford and GM will get an additional $4,000 to build their electric vehicles in union factories.

However, the worst escalation between Democrats and Elon Musk/Tesla came after Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter and restore freedom of expression on the social media platform.

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After Musk’s announcement, Democrats’ attacks on the billionaire began to escalate. Musk was charged last week with sexual misconduct, which the Tesla CEO called a political attack by Democrats.

And recently, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who represents New York’s 14th borough, announced that she wants to trade in her white Tesla Model 3 for another electric car made in a union factory.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ocasio-Cortez explained why she would buy a Tesla in 2020, saying, “At the time, it was the only electric car that could get me from New York to Washington for a single charge or a half fee.” Finally the actor added, “I would switch “.

A few hours earlier, a Twitter user informed Musk of Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to replace her Tesla, in response to which Musk wrote that “the degree to which the unions control the Democrats is insane. It’s like watching a sock puppet ‘talking,’ but the hand inside the sock is so obvious!”

At the same time, Musk also conducted a poll on Twitter asking his followers who are least trusted, politicians or billionaires. 75.8% of the 2.7 million respondents said they trust politicians less while 24.2% chose billionaires.

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After the election, Musk wrote to Representative Ocasio-Cortez, “I dare you to do the same poll with your followers.” One Twitter user then responded to Musk’s tweet asking, “Would you choose her cause? She said she wanted to switch from Tesla to another EV. Musk simply responded with eye emojis and a smiley face.”

As of writing, AOC has not yet responded to Musk’s tweets. However, we’ll make sure to keep you updated as the story unfolds. Until then, be sure to visit our torquenews.com/Tesla site regularly for the latest updates.

What do you think? Are you disappointed to learn that AOC, the champion of clean energy, is ditching Tesla? Also, what do you think of Musk’s response calling her a guild puppet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

picture: Taken from Elon Musk & AOC’s Wikipedia page, photos combined by author

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