Black 2022 Tesla Model 3, the electric car with the highest level of consumer owner satisfaction and driving it near a snowy forest

electric shock! Tesla Supercharger Glitch Charges Model 3 Owner $610,000

Tesla continues to grow at a pace that few automakers have been able to experience. Moreover, the continuous advancement of the nationwide charging and supercharging network is rapidly removing scale concern. Before you know it, driving a Tesla across the country will be just as common as doing it with a gasoline-powered car. However, as with all developing technologies, accidents are likely. Usually, though, mishaps don’t charge your customers more than half a million dollars. Excuse me.

The supercharger’s $610,000 bill is equivalent to enough power to fully charge 32,000 Tesla.

2022 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

This accident happened to the owner of a Tesla Model 3 in China. According to Auto Evolution, the car owner stated that he used the Supercharger station from which he received the bill at the end of February. Remarkably, he mentioned that he only used the charger for 20 minutes. Then, a few days later, he received the crazy bill totaling 3,846,306 CNY, which is equivalent to about 610 thousand US dollars. Just imagine that you open your phone and see this kind of number appear on your screen. While it’s funny to most of the world and likely to have this owner after all, it should be a legitimately shocking situation.

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