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Tesla just announced first-quarter results for 2022 and beat analysts’ expectations for net profit. Despite factory closures, inflationary pressures and a shortage of semiconductor chips, the automaker delivered 310,000 vehicles, up 81% year over year.

Revenue also rose 81% to $18.6 billion from $10.39 billion a year ago, thanks to higher average vehicle prices and increased vehicle sales, the company said.

For the period ending March 31, 2022, Tesla reported earnings of $3.22 per share. Since posting record earnings, shares are up as much as 6% in post-closing trading.

Tesla cars delivered since 2018

This quarter’s challenges

In its letter to investors, Tesla said supply chain problems and raw material costs had multiplied “exponentially.”

“Our plants have been operating at less than capacity for several quarters,” Tesla said on the shareholder platform. The company did not provide detailed guidance on future deliveries, but said it expects 50% annual growth on a multi-year basis, and cautioned that supply chain constraints may continue into 2022.”

Tesla said the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases has caused temporary shutdowns of the Shanghai factory and shortages in the company’s supply chain.

It was Tesla's most profitable quarter

“Despite the recent resumption of limited production, we continue to monitor the situation closely,” the company said.

Tesla said ramping up giant factories in newer Texas and Berlin will also depend on supply chain hurdles.

Factory ramps take time, and Gigafactory Austin and Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will be no different.

The company also said it will release its fully self-driving car to all US customers who choose the $12,000 package “before the end of this year.”


Tesla’s solar deployments are down 50% year over year to 48 megawatts in the last quarter. The company deployed 846 megawatt-hours of battery storage systems, up 90% year over year, but down from the previous quarter. The company said the decline in solar deployments was due to supply chain constraints on certain components.


Tesla says it is the second largest insurer for Teslas in the state of Texas, and it could be the largest by the end of next quarter. Tesla is now an integrated provider of insurance in the states (list of countries) where it has released its own insurance product.

Cybertruck and Robotaxi

On the earnings call, Elon confirmed that production of the Cybertruck will begin in 2023 and a car designed for autonomy, without a steering wheel or pedals being produced in 2024 will be a “massive engine for Tesla’s growth.”

Elon also reiterated his position on the perfect robot for Tesla, saying that he has more potential to trade in cars over time.

When asked about raw materials and max volume expansion, Elon mentioned that lithium mining is the limiting factor for production. He later said that “Tesla will likely need industry help with this.”

When asked about the future of electric vehicle affordability, Elon mentioned that a robotic ox will provide the lowest cost per mile of transportation ever, 5x-10x, making it affordable for everyone. Based on their predictions, it appears that the cost of an automated taxi is lower than the cost of a subsidized bus/subway ticket.

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