BYD Seal EV Interior Revealed With Giant Floating Screen

The interior of the BYD Seal electric sedan has been revealed in China. It has a giant rotating screen, a sport steering wheel, and a crystal-look gear shifter. In general, the interior looks beautiful and modern. The seal will be launched in May.

What is BYD Seal?

BYD Seal is an all-electric sedan based on the BYD 3.0 e-platform. It is the second vehicle in BYD’s Ocean series. Its design is inspired by the Ocean X concept that was unveiled in September 2021. Since then, BYD has done a great job with this vehicle. They shared official photos of the exterior of the seal in April.

Speaking of the seal, first of all, we would like to highlight its dimensions: 4800/1875/1460 mm with a wheelbase of 2920 mm. To be clear, the Seal is 106 mm longer, 26 mm wide, and 17 mm higher than the Tesla Model 3. The Seal’s wheelbase is 45 mm longer than the Model 3. The Seal is aimed at the Model 3. But its exterior is strongly reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan.

The seal comes in RWD and 4WD versions. The cheapest RWD trim line has a 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor. A more powerful 230 kW (313 hp) rear-wheel drive motor is available. The 4WD version has a 150 kW motor on the front axle and a 230 kW rear axle. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds. As for the range, the seal has three versions with a distance of 550 km, 650 km and 700 km. The capacity of these batteries is not yet known.

The stamp price ranges from 220,000 to 280,000 CNY (34,600 – 44,100 USD). BYD plans to manufacture 60,000 seals annually in its Changzhou factory, and sell 5,000 per month. This electric sports car will also reach international markets. It has been confirmed that the seal will be launched in Australia under the BYD Atto 4 brand.

BYD inner seal

The interior of the seal features an ocean ambiance. Its color is blue, black, gray with many different materials such as Alcantara and leather. The vents in the stamping feature a wavy pattern and are decorated with subtle blue embellishments.

The door handles also look attractive, like a shell. It is interesting that the door handle is built into the speaker. Notably, the sound system is made by Dynaudio, a Danish speaker maker.

Seal’s steering wheel has three spokes and a flat bottom. Its shape resembles a fish’s tail. It also has blue seams and some buttons for self-driving adjustments. Behind the steering wheel, we can see a large instrument panel. The main screen is probably borrowed from BYD Destroyer 05. It’s huge with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and can rotate a landscape image.

The central tunnel of the seal also has an attractive wavy shape and is made of glossy plastic. Contains two wireless charging pads and two cup holders. The central tunnel also has a monocrystalline profile transmission. It is striking. There is a drive mode selector, volume control, danger lights button and other buttons. It is placed in a circular element. There is a spacious room under the central tunnel.

In general, the interior of the BYD Seal is very good and attractive. We remind you that it will be launched in China in May and later will also reach the Australian market under the name Atto 4.

Source: Autohome, BYD Weibo

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