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BYD Seal electric sports car confirmed to compete with Tesla Model 3 for Australia

An all-electric sports car from the China EV giant that could – at guesswork – be dubbed the “Atto 4” has been confirmed for Australia, and is due to arrive from the second quarter of 2023.

Specifications and images of BYD’s latest electric car offering surfaced Monday, offering a first glimpse of the high-spec sports car that BYD CEO Luke Todd said is targeting not only the Tesla Model 3 market, but the entire sports car segment as well.

The elegant four-doors forms part of the EV maker’s Ocean series, and joins the Dolphin hatch (probably called the Atto 2 when it arrives locally), which has also been confirmed for Australia.

Todd told The Driven that the BYD seal “is coming 100% to Australia”. “We will soon be able to release dates and pricing, and we will be targeting deliveries around March 2023 with pre-orders opening around October.”

It will be higher in the pricing spectrum than the Atto 3, a compact electric SUV launched in Sydney in February.

“It’s a higher spec car,” Todd said. “It’s a very high-performance sports sedan that can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds.”

Images leaked by CNEV Post on Monday show flush door handles reminiscent of BYD Han, and reveal that the window trims will be available in black or silver.

A full running light across the rear below the “Build Your Dreams” logo emulates the Atto 3 logo, while the front – as with many electric vehicles today – is devoid of the large grille despite the air intakes protruding on either side of the number plate.

According to CNEV Post, the expected price level is 220,000-280,000 CNY ($48,070 converted to $61,180), which will be significantly lower than prices for a Shanghai-made Tesla Model 3.

Source: MIIT / CNEV Post

Todd also revealed why BYD Han’s launch was delayed. He believes the seal “would be attractive to the entire automotive sector looking for a high-performance sports sedan,” and that the company could comfortably sell 15,000 units a year.

“It’s a very exciting sports car,” he says. “It’s not just a Model 3 competitor but a competitor to sports sedans across the market, well above $100,000 in some cases.”

And that’s the stock EV Direct has secured for Australian roads, he says. As with the Atto 3, the Right Seal will be manufactured on an assembly line intended for the Australian market after EV Direct collaborates on improving domestic roads later this year.

By October, at least one RHD seal will be in Australia before the local launch.

Atto 4 byd seal
Source: MIIT / CNEV Post

CNEV Post revealed that the specifications obtained from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) include size and strength.

There are three specifications listed on MIIT including two rear-wheel drive options and a twin-motor variant. It is shorter than the Han and slightly longer than the Model 3 with a length of 4800 mm, a width of 1875 mm and a height of 1460 mm. (The Han is 4,980 mm long, 1,980 mm long, 1,910 mm and 1,495 mm high, while the Model 3 is 4,694 mm long, 1,850 mm wide, and 1,443 mm high.)

Specifications include:

  • RWD 1
    Permanent magnet synchronous motor: 70 kW continuous and 150 kW peak
    Weight: 1,885 kg
  • RWD 2
    Permanent magnet synchronous motor: 70 kW continuous and peak 230 kW
    Weight: 2,015 kg
  • four wheel drive
    Front motor: asynchronous motor (induction motor): 75 kW continuous and 160 kW peak
    Rear motor: permanent magnet synchronous motor: 70 kW continuous and 150 kW peak
    Weight: 2150 kg

It also looks like there will be a bunch of rims to choose from. Todd also confirmed that the seal will also have a vehicle for loading, and will also be installed on the BYD 3.0 e-platform with the Blade battery.

I have 4 rims
Source: MIIT / CNEV Post

This article has been updated with information about speculative pricing and renaming.

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