A pre-production Tesla Model Y may have been spotted in Giga Berlin

A black Tesla Model Y was recently seen in Giga Berlin. Many have speculated that the Model Y is a pre-production unit, hinting that the plant in Grünheide may be preparing to start production. The recently spotted Model Y looks very good, with very consistent gaps in the panel.

Potential pre-production Model Y units were spotted at Giga Berlin late last week, around November 18. Three Model Y cars – painted white, red and possibly black – have passed the Giga Berlin test track several times.

A few days later, a black Model Y was seen in the factory parking lot. Based on the photos, it was a Model Y twin-engine. The black Model Y discontinued at the Giga Berlin did not have a license plate, indicating that it was a pre-production car. It also did not have front mudflaps, indicating that it was not exported from China. The missing mudflaps also indicate that the black Model Y wasn’t the same unit that Tesla used for a test drive during the country fair in October.

According to the Tesla component in Germany, the delivery estimate for the Dual Motor Model Y Performance is early 2022, while the long-range dual motor version is scheduled to begin deliveries by February 2022. Currently, Giga Shanghai is exporting the Model Y Long Range and Model Y RWD to Europe.

Tesla is still awaiting full approval from the Brandenburg environment office to officially begin production of the Model Y at Giga Berlin. The facility continues to operate under prior approvals. A new round of discussion about the full approval of the Tesla Giga Berlin permit began last week. The current round is expected to last until November 22, 2021.

In TSLA’s latest earnings call, CFO Zachary Kirkorn said the company hopes to produce cars in Giga Berlin and Giga Texas by the end of the year. However, Kirkorn also noted that the public should not expect Tesla to deliver vehicles from its plants in Germany and Texas by the end of 2021.

“So, you know, there’s a fair bit of an execution ahead of us,” Kirkorn told Jed Dorsheimer of Canaccord Genuity. But that’s still our goal, and all of our plans are geared around that. We – for – should not expect to deliver cars by the end of 2021 from these factories even if we produce them – so agree, for regulatory reasons,” he said.

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A pre-production Tesla Model Y may have been spotted in Giga Berlin

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