Deep blue metallic 2022 Tesla Model 3 with mountains in the background

2022 Tesla wins the 2022 BMW i4

With bestselling electric vehicles such as the Model 3, Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle segment. However, other automakers, including BMW, with models like the i4, are aiming to catch up with Tesla. See how the Model 3 and i4 stack up in our 2022 Tesla Model 3 vs. 2022 BMW i4 comparison. With a large number of advantages, the Model 3 triumphs over the i4.

2022 Tesla Model 3 vs. 2022 BMW i4

Deep Blue Metallic 2022 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

In our comparison of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 vs the 2022 BMW i4, we evaluated many different areas. This includes acceleration, top speed, driving range, cargo, efficiency, passenger and cargo space, features and technologies, warranty coverage, and price.